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Lead Staff

Daniel Núñez
Owner & Executive Chef


Our story

Chef and founder Daniel Núñez started his culinary journey while working for Verizon as a Fiber optics analyst for over 12 years. Chef Núñez had a dream of leaving Verizon and starting his own business. While at Verizon he was able to take advantage of an opportunity to study culinary arts at Johnson and Wales University at night and on the weekends. During his time at Johnson and Wales, Chef Núñez was able to gain the knowledge and training he needed to jump start his culinary career. Chef Núñez worked on Cultrō for over 2 years before launching in the Spring of 2019.

Cultrō began as a startup company specializing in catering, meal preparation, and pop-ups at different breweries and businesses throughout Rhode Island. Cultrō’s main areas of focus are Latin American cuisine and wood fired barbecue. Our restaurant is currently working out of a commercial kitchen space at Hope & Main until a permanent location can be established. This allows us to prepare all of our menu items so that we deliver fresh meals to your job site or personal catered event.

Here at Cultrō we believe in going back to traditional ways of cooking using minimally processed ingredients and focusing on clean natural whole foods. We believe sourcing local ingredients when possible will help our local farmers and deliver the best possible ingredients to our customers.